He stuck his head through the window. From four floors up, Wendell watched Brian glide over the sidewalk on a brand-new bike. He would only go to the corner and turn back, because it was as far as any of the kids could get without answering to their parents, and whenever Brian was bold enough […]

MEDHANE and slauson malone; Medslaus, dropped an album on May 26th titled “Poorboy”. Along with some very talented artists and musicians, I got the chance to be featured on the album, with a spoken word piece on the track titled “Sumday”. Read the album premiere interview with Medhane and Slauson Malone on The Fader, and […]

If the paint had still been as wet as it was a century ago, Amir would have been close enough to feel himself getting high from the fumes; his face was so close to the canvas that he could almost touch the brilliant mountains of teal, tan and green with his nose. The wire boundary […]

“Does that make sense?” “Yes, it does.”

As I get closer to the end of the Spring semester, it becomes harder and harder to have my piece up on The Cane and Machete every Thursday and complete all of my coursework. At times, I’ve had to choose between school and this website, and more often than not, I’ve chosen CM, but now, […]

On the wobbly wooden table lay a W-2–a blue envelope that’d occupied its own little space and waited for two and a half weeks to be brought to the tax man, a pay stub–an undecorated strip of paper that resembled a check but was only a receipt, for the last direct deposit Amir would receive […]

This past January, Carolyn Bryant Donham confessed that the lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till, and her involvement in it, in Mississippi back in August 1955 were based on a lie. I am sure that anyone reading is familiar with the details of the depraved and disgusting event, and if you are not, I urge you […]