Unlike many of us, some people don’t have the luxury of living for today because tomorrow might not come; for some, tomorrow requires more consideration, because for them tomorrow is guaranteed. For them, tomorrow is a curse that drowns them in the certainty of its arrival as they go through today, so apprehensive at the […]

Ovule had a new manager, Joseph, whom they referred to as Officer Joe, who upon his hire came straight to the shop to “make some great changes”, one of which was the rule of not clocking in until you went to the back and put on an apron and covered your hair. Kheyali came in […]

To be a man is to forget that you are human, or to depreciate the humanity of everyone else–especially other men. The things that make us human, like the breadth of our emotional spectrum that allows us to feel things and endure those feelings to a degree that no other animal can (arguably and presumably), […]

The thing on the ground takes its final breaths, and the vultures watch, from their bubble high up in the trees. They can see it–the loss of light in the eyes of the thing on the ground as it slowly falls asleep on the savanna.  It breathes slowly and steadily, striving to keep its grasp […]

In the desire to be truthful, I must admit that I was not the only black child in my school, nor was I the only one in that classroom. There was a girl who, on that first day, had sat on the other side of the room. I saw her–she had dreads and glasses and […]

A volt of vultures perch themselves high in the branches of a nearby tree. Twenty-two pairs of empty eyes direct themselves to the ground below. The vultures are waiting for everything to turn black in the eyes of another, less fortunate animal, so they can open their wings and enthusiastically plunge themselves into earth and […]

Historically, white people have been generally horrible to all the world’s non-white people, which is why, until recently, I failed to adequately understand the common distaste that many non-white people share for the white liberal. Put into the context of the acts of their forefathers, I thought it was something to be admired for a […]